Ruth Macha / Newcastle Buddhist Centre

Ruth Macha is a member of Newcastle Buddhist Centre, a practicing Buddhist who is on the path to ordination.

The Newcastle Buddhist Centre was first set up in 1993 and has been offering meditation and Buddhist teachings in the city centre since then. They are part of a worldwide Buddhist community that has been in existence for over 50 years.


This Workshop is a fantastic opportunity to experience a practical introduction to meditation practice.

What is Meditation?

♥ a way of becoming more aware of ourselves – our body, mind and emotional responses

♥ a way of developing greater kindness and patience

♥ a way of deepening our understanding of life and insight into reality

♥ a way of finding peace and relaxation

♥ something that begins to give benefits quickly and can have life-changing effects.

Skill Level: Suitable for beginners

Materials Required: None - for this Workshop you don’t need to bring anything, but you might be more comfortable in looser clothing if at all possible.

Workshop Duration: 1 hour

Date / Time: Sunday 4th August 2019, 3pm to 4pm

Price: £15 Workshop + Sunday Entry / £20.50 Workshop + Weekend Entry / £7.50 Additional Workshop (only valid if purchased AFTER purchasing a different Workshop + Entry ticket)

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