Knit3Together Terri, Toni and Steph Cox

Join podcasters Terri, Toni and Steph in our main social space in the Darwin Room on the 2nd floor of the Biomedicine West Building.

Their message to you all is:

"We hope that when people come to visit us at Woolness, they find kindred spirits, people who understand them and any struggles they might be facing. Anyone who sees us at Woolness will be met with kindness and, hopefully, some advice around anxiety if they need it. We are there to listen to anyone who just wants to get something off their chest in a judgement-free environment, and chat to anyone who is passionate about knitting and crochet like we are! Xx"

Born in Hull in the North East of England, Toni, Terri and Stephanie are 28-year-old triplets who have been knitting and / or crocheting for almost ten years now. Having struggled with various mental health conditions - including Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Depression and Trichotillomania - the sisters turn to crafting when things get hard. They've found sheer joy, calm, passion, connection and mindfulness through needlework and they run a mental health-themed knitting and crochet podcast on Youtube called Knit3Together. Through the podcast they try to educate people about mental health and its connections with crafting in a light-hearted and funny way. Terri is the author of 'Shiny Happy Person', a memoir published by Stephanie's workplace Trigger Publishing, about her mental breakdown in 2015. In it she describes her experiences with severe depression and how knitting and crochet helped play a big part in her recovery. While doing their best never to take themselves too seriously, the triplets hope that viewers can share in their passion and find discussions and stories around mental health that they can really relate to.