Debbie Zawinski / The Feral Spinner

Debbie Zawinski, The Feral Spinner, is an intrepid wilderness Spinner. She forages for fleece and dyestuffs in the wild, and spins and knits socks that tell stories of her wandering sin beautiful places. She spins and knits as she walks, camps and travels around.


Learn to spin and ply in a half a day workshop with Debbie Zawinski  author of In the Footsteps of Sheep. Using the simplest of tools, you will learn to spin with a spinning stick, the Feral Spinner way! You will go home with a small skein of yarn at the end of the workshop.

All materials supplied with the workshop. Perfect for beginners or those looking for a new technique. This class is also suitable for children (aged 7-16) working together with a parent/guardian (both adult and child will learn to spin and ply a mini skein of yarn - only one ticket needs to be purchased)

Skill Level: Complete beginner

Materials Required: None 

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

Date / Time: Saturday 3rd August 2019, 10am to 1pm

Price: £57.50 Workshop + Saturday Entry / £63.00 Workshop + Weekend Entry / £50.00 Additional Workshop (only valid if purchased AFTER purchasing a different Workshop + Entry ticket)

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