What is WoolNEss?

The fundamental aim of WoolNEss is to celebrate the benefits of creativity on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

As a festival WoolNEss encourages everyone to share in this ethos within a welcoming community of North-East and national crafters.

WoolNEss was born of a desire to demonstrate that the simple act of creating something beautiful, however basic or small it may be, gives the creator a sense of accomplishment, self-worth, and an item they can hold in their hands and say "I made this myself".

Take that object, craft, creative interest and share with a like-minded community - both online and in person - and the value and worth increases manifold.

In the pursuit of mindful creativity, the happy outcome of wellness is achievable.

At its heart, WoolNEss is a "wool festival", originating from a shared joy in knitting, but we know that wellness benefits can be derived from so many other creative arts; that is why WoolNEss festival welcomes talented exhibitors working in textiles, art, pottery, jewellery and other crafts.

This creative community festival offers visitors the opportunity to develop their own skills by taking part in exciting workshops or enjoying our social spaces harnessing the feel-good factor of socialising with creative friends both old and new - WoolNEss is here to celebrate all the rich rewards of creativity.